Wellness Grants

In support of the Los Alamos Public School District’s focus on student and staff wellness, the LAPS Foundation offers wellness grants. Any Los Alamos Public Schools employee may apply. Wellness grants should fit into one of the following categories: physical fitness, mindfulness/stress management, morale, or other (please specify).

When crafting a proposal, consider ideas that support creating a positive school culture, bringing staff and/or students together, breaking down barriers, and building resiliency and/or connectedness. If the idea benefits staff, are there ways in which the activity could be shared with students?

These grants were originally intended to bring a significant number of people together to engage in an activity that promotes wellness for the whole group.  However, given the circumstances of the pandemic, wellness grants for the 2022-23 school year will continue to be more flexible to deal with the challenges of group activities.

Some examples of ideas for wellness grants include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating a new way of engaging students to promote wellness
  • Hiring a facilitator for a team-building activity, whether online or in person
  • Hosting an offsite socially-distanced staff picnic or other social activity focused on camaraderie and cohesiveness
  • Introducing new hobbies or sports, either by bringing someone in or funding the materials for staff members to share their interests with others
  • Organizing a series of morale building activities for students, staff or both
  • Supporting a student event, whether online or in person, geared toward mental health, wellness, mindfulness etc.

$500 will be available to each school for the 2022-23 school year.

Please submit the application form below. If you have questions or wish to discuss your idea with us, please contact us.

Wellness Grant Application

Wellness Grant Application

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Provide a testimonial (from teacher or student) and a photo within 30 days of the funds being spent.
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