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Kristin Kosiewicz Substance Abuse Awareness Scholarship

The Kristin Kosiewicz Substance Abuse Awareness Scholarship will be awarded annually in memory of Kristin Kosiewicz, a 1993 graduate of Los Alamos High School who passed away on September 26, 2021. Kristin was an exceptional athlete, a talented artist, and a confident and adventurous world traveler.  Kristin enjoyed all things nature and loved to explore the outdoors.  In 2023 two $2000 scholarships were  awarded to graduating LAHS seniors in honor of Kristin’s amazing life.

Students who apply for the scholarship will include an essay about the negative impacts of substance abuse including their reflections on prevention and awareness strategies to better prepare young adults graduating from high school to avoid the dangers of accidental overdose, as well as the role gateway substances have in leading young people to become addicted.

You may donate to the scholarship in memory of Kristin using the donorbox on this page or by mailing a check made out to LAPS Foundation (with Kristin Kosiewicz Scholarship in the memo) to LAPS Foundation, 1010 Central Avenue, Los Alamos, NM 87544

Kristin tragically died due to an accidental overdose of fentanyl that was being used to treat pain from fibromyalgia. This opioid is dangerously potent. If you or a loved one or a friend is using fentanyl, please make sure that it is being used exactly as prescribed and purchased from a legitimate source to avoid becoming a tragic statistic. Click here for more information about the dangers of accidental overdose.  For a comprehensive guide on fentanyl addiction from the National Drug Helpline, click here. Two mg of Fentanyl is a fatal dose. (Click here to see illustration showing two mg of salt.)