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Why Support Us?

The school children of Los Alamos are our future, and the LAPS Foundation needs your help. Unlike surrounding communities, Los Alamos does not qualify for much Federal funding, and what it does receive is earmarked for specific programs. So, our schools must rely on State funding, however New Mexico’s State Equalization Guarantee (SEG) severely limits the funds that Los Alamos Public Schools receive to cover operating costs. The majority (87%) pays for salaries and benefits, 10% covers insurance, utilities, supplies and other operating costs, and only 3% is left for targeted programs. However, it’s these targeted programs that make it possible to have innovation in education and enable our students to really excel. That is where the LAPS Foundation can have a tremendous impact on our children’s education and future. The LAPS Foundation has facilitated the infusion of more than $1 million into Los Alamos schools since 2005. With your donation, the Foundation can continue this support and do more. Donate now.

“The Los Alamos Public Schools have been a source of pride for us and for Los Alamos throughout the years. They served our two sons very well and the schools continue to excel. We applaud the teachers, the administration and all of the support staff who make this happen. LAPS Foundation gives us a way that we can directly support the schools in their efforts.”
–Dennis and Opal Lee Gill, Long-time supporters of the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation