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Student Grants

Thanks to a generous grant from the LANL Foundation, we began a student grant program in 2019.  Student grants of up to $1000 may be awarded during the school year for student-led projects that benefit the schools.  Any LAHS student may apply individually, or as a group of students. The request should be for something that has a positive impact on your school and affects a large number of students. Be creative – we want to hear what you think will improve your school! You must have a faculty adviser and permission from your principal. We look forward to receiving your application!

Deadline: April 30, 2023

Student Grant

Grant Information

Describe your idea and how it will benefit Los Alamos High School students.
Who will be involved and impacted? Include a project timeline with a start and end date.
Be as specific as possible about how, where and to whom the proposed budget will be spent (ex: equipment, stipends, materials etc.)

Terms and Conditions

• Submit a final project report within 30 days of completing this project • Collect photographs, work samples and/or other visuals for publicity purposes to be submitted to the LAPS Foundation • Submit a detailed accounting of all LAPSF funds expended as part of this grant • Return any unused funds or property
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