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Innovation $5,000+

Alex Simons, Class of 1989
Dennis and Opal Lee Gill
Don Casperson

John and Terry-Lee FitzPatrick John M. and Georgia A. Pedicini, in Memory of Miles Baron
John and Terry-Lee FitzPatrick John M. and Georgia A. Pedicini, in Memory of Miles Baron

Morrie and Cheryl Pongratz
Susan Roach, in Memory of Fred Roach

Vivian L. Paysse Charitible Trust

Inspiration Donor

Inspiration $2,500-$4,999

Jill and Paul Cook
Laura Mullane and David Lyons
Linda and Stu Corliss
Melanie and Matt McKinley
The Mickey Inbody Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Discovery Donor

Discovery $1,000-$2,499

Andy and Barbara Phelps
Anne and Hal Davis
Anne Marie Peters Weem
Betsey Heavner, in honor of Torsten and Aven Heavner
Brad and Debbie Smith

David and Terry Izraelevitz
Don Cobb
Evelyn Mullen
Friends of LAPS Foundation
Judy Crocker
Karen and Ward Hawkins
Karin Church

LAHS Class of 1967
LAHS Class of 1979
Leonard and Jackie Beebe
Michael Wagner
Neptune and Company, Inc.
Peter Lyons
Robert Hicks, in Memory of Gloria Hicks
Roger Waterman and Emily McGay

Stephanie Archuleta
Steve and Kathy Boerigter
Susie Schillaci and Jeff Johnson
Thom and Jennifer Mason
Troy and Jodi Hughes

Kristy Ortega Kurt and Jo Beth Steinhaus

Achievement Donor

Achievement $500-$999

Andrea Taylor
Anne and Dave Fox

Brian and Kay Newman
Carter and Jen Payne
Chelsea Johnston, Class of 2004
Cherie and Andy Trottier
Dan and Judy Prono
Dave Clark
Dr. James and Susan Sussman
Dr. Jon McDonald DDS
Eli and Ellen Ben-Naim
Eric Kroesche
Gary and June Wall

Joe Legare
Krista Black
LAHS Class of 1978
Leon Heller
Mark and Kaylinda Crawford
Mary McKee-Horina
Matt Heavner, in Memory of James Heavner
Melissa and Tom Alexander
Nikki and Rob Cunningham

Rachel Cowan
Randall Ryti and Wendy Swanson
Richard Peters
Richard Swenson and Vivien Chen
Rotary Club of Los Alamos

Victors Lawns LLC

Terry and Bernadine Goldman

Cornerstone Donor

Cornerstone $100-$499

Adelaide Jacobson
Amy and Sean Stanfield
Andrea and Greg Cunningham
Andrea Schoellkopf
Anne G. and Robert J. Macek
Art and Dawn Brown
Aubrey Jones
Aubrey Woahn
Beth Lee
Bob and Jackie MacFarlane
Brent Butler
Brian and Dana D’Andrea
Brigitte Reid
The Bucklin Family
Carroll Thomas
Catherine Snelson-Gerlicher
Cecilia and Richard Frank
Chad & Julie Zimmerly
Charles and Marianne Wilkerson
Cheryl Smith-Ecke
Chris Pacheco
Chris Stacy
Christina Sierk
Cindy Eaton
Craig Bachmeier
Dan and Stacey Castille
Dave Clark
Deanne Idar
Debbie and Jeff Huling
Debra Larson
Denise and Dennis Derkacs
Dennis and Mary Lou Erickson
Dick Honsinger
Don Gerheart
Don Taylor Photography
Dottie MacVeigh
Doug and Marci Partin
Elisabeth Chrien
Elizabeth Angela Ladino Foundation
Ellen Middleditch
Eric and Debbie Holgerson
Eric and Lynn Ovaska
Erica Baron
EXIT Realty Advance
Floyd Gallegos
Geniece and John Courtright
Georgia and Gerry Strickfaden
Harriet and Gerry Payne, in Memory of Sophia Feldman
High Mesa Dental Arts, in Memory of Carson Cannon
Imagine Learning
In Memory of Patrick Hodson

J. Arthur Freed
James and Christine Ahrens
James and Margaret Gautier
Jane Lin and August Swanson
Jean Dewart
Jean Vallejo
Jeff and Krystal Roach
Jeff Lloyd
Jeffrey Favorite
Jennifer Gallegos
Jennifer and John Guy
Jennifer Jones
Jim and Gail Little
Jo Redmon
John Courtright
John F Barnes IV, in Memory of all those from the class of 1977 who have passed
John and Nancy Bliss
Joyce Beery
Judy McKenzie
Karen Kelley
Kathleen Devlin
Katie Bridgewater
Kati and John Steinburg
Katie Thwaits
Ken and Karyl Ann Armbruster
Kenneth and Claudia Johnson
Kristy and Mark Schraad
Lane and Kathy Womack
Larry and Joyce Rybarcyk
Larry and Julie Goen
Laura and Bob Loy
Linda K. Cooper
Lisa Montoya
Liz Bowman
LAHS Class of 1968
Los Alamos Medical Center
Lynn Finnegan
Marilyn and Barry Smith
Marion and Rae Marie Stelts
Mark Klockow
Martha Katko
Martin and Barbara Milder
Mary McKee-Horina
Melissa Goldman
Michael and Helen Cai
Michele and Michael Altherr
Mohini Rawool-Sullivan
Molly Vosburg
Mustapha Abouda
Myron and Ruth Silbert
Navarro Research and Engineering, Inc.
Nelson Hoffman

Oliver Wilton
Origami Restaurant
Pajarito Mountain
Papa Murphey’s
Pat Fitch
Paul and Linda Daly
Peggy Durbin
Peter Ebey and Ruth Skoug
Peter and Cynthia Sandoval
Phuong and Duc Ta Vo Nguyen
Posada Dental Works
Rachel Sterk
Ray and Nicole’ Raddu Ferry
Rebecca Coel-Roback
Rebound Physical Therapy
Rick Hodson
Rick and Debbie Reiss
Rio Grande Orthodontics
Rita Bronson
Rob and Lisa-Jo Dunham
Robin McLean
Roger Stutz
Ross Lemons
Ruby K’s
Rudolf and Susan Henninger
Rudy Henninger
Ruth Lier, In Memory of Doug Lier
Ryn Herrmann
Sarah Zinschlag
Scott Twary

Shelly Wiemann, Wiemann Wealth Strategies

Stuart and Antoinette Trugman
Susan Dyche, in memory of Delbert Dyche
Suzanne and Steven Lynne
Teresa DuBois, in Memory of Rene and Bob Mills
Teri Devine
Theresa Cull
Thomas and Julia Wangler
Timothy and Carol Neal
Travis Johnson
Veronica Encinas
Warren Oldham