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What is Our Impact?


In the first 12 years since its inception, the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation facilitated the infusion of $1 million into the public schools and its trend of giving continues. Unlike surrounding communities, Los Alamos does not qualify for much Federal funding, so our schools must rely on State funding. However, New Mexico’s State Equalization Guarantee severely limits the funds that Los Alamos Public Schools receive to cover operating costs. There is very limited funding for professional development and upgrades to facilities, and only 3% of the LAPS budget is available for targeted programs, yet it is these programs that make it possible to have innovation in education and enable our students to really excel.

“The Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation is a tremendous gift to our community.  The Foundation is a great steward for the funds they collect because the board truly believes in the mission.  The Foundation grants money with a sense of joy and abundance and amazing things have happened in Los Alamos Schools as a direct result of this attitude.  School budgets continue to get cut and the funds for innovative ideas and professional development are the first to go.  The Foundation is a way to keep innovation and morale alive in our school district.  I am very appreciative for all the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation has done for young people and teachers in Los Alamos.”

–Suzanne Lynne, LAPS Administrator