Educators: How We Help

The LAPS Foundation exists to support educators, staff and students for a successful educational experience. The following programs are available to Los Alamos Public Schools educators:

Do you have a great idea to enrich your curriculum or provide students with unique learning experiences? Are you a certified Los Alamos Public Schools teachers? Apply for a Great Ideas Grant from the LAPS Foundation to fund the materials and/or resources. Grant cycles are open for a limited time each fall and spring. Learn more.

Is there a conference or training that would help you enhance your teaching capabilities? Often times schools do not have sufficient funds to cover these important programs. The LAPS Foundation accepts applications for professional development from certified Los Alamos Public Schools teachers each year in the fall and spring. Learn more.

Have you come across a book that is of interest to your colleagues and yourself that would allow you to gain new ideas and/or broadening your pedagogical knowledge? The LAPS Foundation funds professional books groups on a variety of topics. Each member of your group will receive a book, and you can request funding for refreshments at book group meetings, too. Any certified Los Alamos Public Schools teacher may apply. Book group grant cycles are open for a limited time each fall and spring. Learn more.

While the district does what it can for capital improvements, we all know that the schools are older and the improvements are never enough. The LAPS Foundation wishes to ensure that all students find themselves in an environment that inspires them to learn. Classroom enhancements and makeovers take place on an as-needed basis. Learn more.

You deserve to advance your credentials and career, in fact in some cases it’s required! The LAPS Foundation can help to defray some of the costs that you would otherwise have to pay out of pocket. To request financial assistance for a certification or licensure advancement, please contact us.

Who doesn’t like a morale booster every now and then? The LAPS Foundation works with the Los Alamos Public Schools to identify high-impact ways in which it can help to boost morale. In the past this has included things like raffles for gift cards and providing ice cream sundaes at the back to school family picnic. To learn more, please contact us.

“The Mountain staff and students have greatly appreciated the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation’s support in improving our learning environment for our students. In 2015, the Mountain art room was renovated through a grant from the LAPS Foundation. The ceiling was lowered and completed to create better lighting and a warmer learning space. The Foundation installed new counters and sinks. The result was a beautiful art classroom that all 440 students visit each week every year. Our art room is now a welcoming learning center for Mountain students.”

–Jennifer Guy, Principal, Mountain Elementary School