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Mini Grants

Mini grants (up to $100 each) are available each school year beginning August 1st. Certified Los Alamos Public Schools teachers may apply. The spirit of these grants is to fund new and innovative ideas in the classroom that teachers otherwise wouldn’t pursue without the grant. It is not meant to continue funding programs already in place. Requests should fit within the scope of the LAPS Foundation’s strategic plan. There is no deadline to apply, but once the money budgeted for the year has been allotted, no more will be available until the next school year.

Normally training, classes etc. do not fall under the scope of the mini grants and we encourage teachers to apply for a Professional Development grant instead.  However, because of the increase in less expensive online training opportunities during the pandemic, teachers may apply for a mini grant for online training and webinars for $100 or less.

Teachers may only receive one mini grant per school year.

Mini Grant Application

Grant Information

What will the funds cover, and how will it impact you, your students, your school etc.?

Terms and Conditions

Provide a testimonial (from teacher or student) and a photo within 30 days of the funds being spent.
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