To show its gratitude to the LAPS Foundation for 14 years of support, Los Alamos Public Schools is celebrating Foundation Appreciation Week Dec. 2-6. As the 2019 year comes to a close, LAPS asks the community to consider giving up one thing a month and instead use that money to make a valuable donation to further the mission of the LAPS Foundation at all schools.

What could you do for our schools if you gave up just one thing each month?

Math ManipulativesIt’s easy to set up a monthly donation to the Foundation, which makes a huge impact for LAPS teachers and students. Here’s how you can make a difference:

  • Would you give up one latte a month? $5/month = $60/year could provide a valuable teaching resource like “Math Manipulatives”
  • Would you give up going out to eat once a month? $25/month = $300/year could buy a set of educational magazines like “National Geographic Explorer” for an entire grade at one elementary school
  • Would you give up that extra hoodie or sweater? $50/month = $600/year could fund the purchase of a new 3D printer for a school

It’s easy to set up a monthly recurring donation charged to a credit card!

Not sure what to gift a teacher? Make a donation in their name!

Example certificateWith the holidays coming up, you may be looking for ideas of how to show your appreciation to your child’s teacher(s). Why not consider an alternative gift by making a donation to the LAPS Foundation in a teacher’s name? When you donate online, you have the option to have a certificate sent to a teacher notifying them of the donation made on their behalf. The money raised ensures funds are available throughout the year, which makes a tremendous difference in our schools.

Learn more and then make a donation in a teacher’s name today!