Check out the creative ways students continued learning during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic! From Former Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus: Congratulations to our talented LAPS Round 4 winners in the Superintendent’s Project Challenge!! A big thank you goes to the LAPS Foundation for funding this project for our students during the school closure. I am proud of everyone!

Evelyn, Mountain 1st Grader
Kavya, Mountain 1st grader
Aspen, 3rd grader at Barranca
Ellie, 4th grader at Barranca
Tate, 5th grader at Mountain
Anna, Mountain 5th grader
Libby, Barranca 6th grader
Annabelle, 7th grade at LAMS
Jane, LAMS 7th grader
Deeanna, LAMS 8th grader
Braeden and Brecken from Mountain and LAMS
Evelyn, 1st grade at Mountain, Ve the Robot
Atticus, 1st Grade from Mountain, “Mr. Seal”
Connor, 5th Grade from Pinon, EtchASketch
Payton, 4th Barranca – The Swamp Biome
Jayson, 7th Grade at LAMS – Little Red Riding Hood Puppet Show
Brayden, 7th Grade at LAMS, Homemade RC Plane
Daniel, an 8th grader at LAMS
Yun, a 9th Grader, Spreading Smiles through Music
Asher from LAMS – Treasure Hunt in Los Alamos
Evelyn and COVID 19 Poem Project
Evan from Barranca and RBG
Taterex and Linusaurus – Tate and Linus from Mountain
Anna from Aspen – “The Toilet Paper Apocalypse!”
Got no Rolls by D’Marcus, Nate and Dominic

Tate, 5th grader from Mountain, playing Bach’s Invention in C major.

McKinley, 3rd grader from Mountain, Braiding Bread.

Anya, 6th grader from Aspen, singing I’m Alone (Let it Go Parody).