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Art for the Sky: What a Great Idea!

Imagine over 600 middle school students and teachers creating an art project together.  Sounds impossible, right?  That’s exactly what happened on January 22nd at Los Alamos Middle School.  LAPS Foundation helped fund this GREAT IDEA!  Inspired by a former colleague’s recommendation, Principal Suzanne Lynne resolved to make the amazing Art for the Sky experience happen at LAMS and bring the entire school together to create something beautiful.  Community members even pitched in and loaned colored t-shirts and jeans for the project.  Team-building, problem-solving and hard work resulted in a radiant Zia symbol photographed from the sky by a drone.  Students commented they would always remember this experience.  It was definitely not an ordinary day in the classroom.  LAPS Foundation funds grants for Great Ideas to give students creative and innovative extras that go beyond the normal curriculum.  Check out the spectacular video by artist Daniel Dancer:   https://vimeo.com/387849665?ref=fb-share&fbclid=IwAR2iTqkPNYCfdDNAvRvt4QZCpCD-cS8biTTpEHkfRxMaFz8ik3yLXSHu1hc