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Surprise! The LAPS Foundation Refreshed the Staff Lounges Over the Summer

What could be more fun than giving money away to help our schools?  That’s our mission and purpose at the LAPS Foundation. Our board members are always hard at work raising money and giving it away to schools to benefit students, staff, and facilities.  This funding makes a difference in the lives of teachers and students by allowing for extras they wouldn’t normally have.

Sometimes, we are able to actually work on a physical project and get our hands dirty, making things at schools better for everyone.  We had that opportunity this past summer.

We went into schools all over the district and worked hard to clean and refresh the staff lounges, creating better places for our school staff to gather, eat and collaborate with colleagues during the workday.  We worked alongside community members, staff and our wonderful students. We cleaned out cabinets, washed dishes, straightened up and made everything sparkle. We also used extra funds LAPSF raised during 2018-19 from our generous community to purchase much-needed items that were not in the schools’ budgets.  Items such as appliances, furniture, storage bins, dishes, and decorations – things we take for granted but make life for our teachers much better every day.

We wanted to use the extra funding and combine it with hard work to make the biggest impact on LAPS staff that we could to help them do the most important job in the world, teaching our children.  This is our way to say thank you to LAPS staff for all they do every day to help our students thrive!