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Honoring Our Teachers

Did you know that teachers in the State of New Mexico, who start out at Level I, are required to submit a Professional Development Dossier (PDD) at the end of 3-5 years of successful teaching in order to advance to Level II? They don’t have a choice, and yet they must pay for it themselves! Teachers may also choose to seek Level III licensure by submitting an additional PDD after their third year of successful teaching at Level II. Again, they pay for it.

It’s actually quite a lot of work for teachers to prepare these dossiers, so that they can be considered for advancement to the next level. The teacher must compile classroom data (lesson descriptions, handouts, student work, video and audio recordings, photos) with explanations of that data written by the teacher, and accompany it with verification and recommendation by the district superintendent.

The LAPS Foundation recognizes this hard work and sacrifice made by our district teachers, and shows its respect and appreciation for these teachers by reimbursing them for their out-of-pocket expense to procure the advancement. This typically takes place at a School Board meeting at which the teachers are recognized.

This fall, two Los Alamos teachers successfully advanced to Level II: Eric Beckstead and Ted Atkins. Congratulations to them both!

Three cheers for our teachers and all their hard work and dedication!