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Meet Our Intern Maddie!

Maddie Ovaska
Currently a Sophomore at LAHS (Class of 2020!)
LAPS Foundation Intern

What’s a typical day like at LAHS in 2017?
Well, we start school at 7:50 am and finish at 2:35 pm. We have A and B days, with four classes each day: 1A, 2A, 3A and the same for B days. 4th period is the same class every day. That way the classes are longer – 1.5 hours each – except for 4th period which is 50 minutes. At lunch, my friends and I like to sit out on the lawn when the weather is nice, or we sit inside at the Commons area. Lunch is also a time when a lot of clubs meet. After school ends at 2:30 pm, we have Academic Time, which lasts until 3:10 pm. This is a time for us to get help from teachers or work on homework.

What’s new at LAHS since you started last year?
Last year they started Topper Freshman Academy, which is like a separate school with its own principal. The freshmen take all their classes in E-Wing except for electives. It’s a way for them to get acclimated to high school. Also new this year is that all students 7th-12th grades are issued a Chromebook for school. Last year they piloted it with the freshmen, so I was one of the ones who got to test it out. We bring them to school every day, and I personally use it a lot for my schoolwork.

In what activities do you participate?
I’m in the Cross Country, Swim, and Tennis teams. I’m also involved in a number of clubs including Student Council, Natural Helpers, and Bridges (a program where students eat lunch with students who have special needs).

What are your favorite classes this year?
I like Honors English, which is not usually my strength, but my teacher Ms. Pomeroy is really great. We have long discussions over books we read in class. I also enjoy Math with Ms. Wilson, she makes math exciting and a great environment to be in. I have my math class during 4th period, so I get to attend the class every day.

Any ideas of what you’ll do after graduating LAHS?
I’d really love to attend the University of Wisconsin and study Physical Therapy. Both of my parents attended University there along with their friends. Their children and I have become very close, we go back twice a year to visit them and visit the University of Wisconsin to watch Football, Basketball, or Hockey games. I have become interested in Physical Therapy after my father had a horrible ski crash where he shattered his leg. After seeing every aspect of hospital positions, I discovered physical therapy was my favorite place to be. I volunteer at the hospital with their program, and under my mentor I help many people recover.