27 Jul

Board Members at Work

Board members spent time at Barranca Elementary School in July working in the new staff lounge.  They added comfortable seating, wall decorations, dishes and utensils, a microwave and a Keurig.  The new lounge will seem a bit more homey when staff return next month.  LAPS Foundation “refreshed” staff lounges at all the schools in the district last summer and had been waiting for the new building at Barranca to be completed.  This is our way to say thank you to LAPS staff for all they do every day to help our students thrive!

21 Jul

Recognizing LAPS Parents for Going Above and Beyond

This year LAPS added another very important category to its usual end of the year recognitions—Parents who have gone Above and Beyond to help their children with distance learning.  Eighty-five parents were nominated by LAPS teachers for Above and Beyond recognition, along with one amazing older sister!  Teachers had many wonderful things to say about how parents have helped:

This mom . . . sends me videos of her son reading, frequent pictures, asks questions when she is confused and sends teachers encouragement along the way. I wish I could clone her.

Always available to her student while juggling two others. Very encouraging and positive even under the most challenging circumstances!

Their student has made giant gains in life skills and daily activities along with some academics. Parents like them make the special education department well worth the work!

For all parents nominated, Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation, through generous donations from our community, provided a baker’s dozen bagels at Ruby K’s Café.  A drawing was held and 10 of the parent nominees received $30 in Chamber Checks to spend at local businesses in Los Alamos.  Thank you parents for all your work to make learning a success!