31 Jan

Now Accepting Grant Applications!

LAPS teachers, do you have a great idea to enrich your curriculum or provide students with unique learning experiences?  Or perhaps you’re interested in attending a conference or holding a book club to enhance your professional development? The LAPS Foundation is now accepting applications through February 28, 2018 for our spring grant cycle. There are 3 types of grants for which you can apply:

  1. Great Ideas Grants. Apply for a Great Ideas Grant from the LAPS Foundation to fund the materials and/or resources to support an idea you would like to implement with your students. We are interested in funding innovative ideas that augment the basic curriculum and align with the Common Core Standards. Please refrain from submitting requests for materials that are typically purchased through the school district or for additional funds for an initiative that is currently being funded. We’re looking to fund your fresh, innovative ideas! These requests may not exceed $1,000.
  2. Professional Development Grants. Is there a conference or training that would help you enhance your teaching capabilities? Often times schools do not have sufficient funds to cover these important programs, and that is where the LAPS Foundation can help. We want to invest in developing you as a professional and ensure you can take advantage of these important opportunities!
  3. Professional Book Group Grants. Have you come across a book that is of interest to your colleagues and yourself that would allow you to gain new ideas and/or broadening your pedagogical knowledge? The LAPS Foundation funds professional books groups on a variety of topics. Each member of your group will receive a book, and you can request funding for refreshments at book group meetings, too.

The deadline to apply for the Spring 2018 grant cycle is February 28, so be sure to apply soon!

26 Jan

How to Support? Let us Count the Ways.

It’s easy to invest in education in Los Alamos. Besides donating online or mailing a check to the LAPS Foundation at 1900 Diamond Dr. Suite 1, Los Alamos, NM 87544, did you know that you can support the LAPS Foundation every time you shop at Smith’s?

Simply link your Smith’s rewards card to the LAPS Foundation. Here’s how:

  1. Sign in to your account at smithsfoodanddrug.com
  2. Under “Welcome” at the top right, click on “My Account”
  3. Click Edit under “Inspiring Donations” (last section)
  4. Enter Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation or organization number KV130
  5. Click Enroll

Voila! Now every time you shop at Smith’s a portion will be donated to the LAPS Foundation!

Support for the LAPS Foundation allows us to:

  • Send teachers to conferences and seminars
  • Pay for classroom makeovers and updates
  • Provide materials and resources for innovation in classrooms
  • Sponsor morale activities for LAPS staff
  • Award scholarships to students
  • Encourage STEAM in the schools
  • Build outdoor classrooms at each school
  • And much more!