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2013 Professional Development Recipients

Los Alamos High School

Patricia Joseph of LAHS is a certified instructor of Sequential English Education and will present “The Neuroscience of Cognitive Learning" introductory workshops to her colleagues within the district.  This effort will address the issues that struggling readers have when met with the demands of high school level reading.  Joseph will provide training to co-teachers, special education teachers, and tutors of inclusion students to help them in providing appropriate aid to students as they step up to critical reading and analytical thinking.   

Janet Newton, Whitney Pomeroy, Elizabeth Radcliffe  and Maria Thibodeau of the English Department at LAHS will attend the National Council of Teachers of English-21st Century Literacy and the Common Core conference in Boston, Massachusetts.  This cross section of teachers from the department will have the opportunity to select from 700 workshops led by renowned researchers, authors and teachers dedicated to improving English education and literacy across the curriculum. The group is seeking a combination of meaningful training related to the common core standard and a closer look at recent research on best practices in teaching English. The team will provide departmental guidance as they revise the departmental goals as the Common Core Standards are implemented as well as strategies and resources available for implementation.

Los Alamos Middle School

Melissa Goldman of LAMS will attend the Nurtured Heart Approach Certification Training Intensive in Tucson, Arizona. Although the Nurtured Heart Approach is often presented as a method to use when dealing with “difficult” or “intense” children, Goldman believes that the principles apply to every child and can build a sense of self-worth. Few would argue that early adolescence can prove to be difficult time in a person’s life and the Nurtured Heart Approach methodology can help alleviate the anxiety, depression and sense of isolation that many young people experience particularly when they focus on how they fall short instead of how much they have accomplished. Goldman intends to share her new found knowledge with her colleagues at LAMS each of whom experienced an introduction to the topic last April at a district-sponsored presentation.

Pinon Elementary

Whitney Muziani-Holland will attend the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Muziani-Holland has chosen a focus area on her school based professional development plan and attendance at this conference will allow her exposure to the latest teaching practices and mathematical research.  She views attendance at this conference as key to make professional connections and to increase her acumen in the area of math instruction using technology. Upon return from the conference, Muziani-Holland intends to host some mini sessions with her colleagues in which she will share information with other K-6 teachers at Pinon.


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