2008 Professional Development $26,000

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Elementary Math Institute $6,000

LAPS District Math Instructional Coach, Ronda Harmon, provided a four-day professional development opportunity for teachers in the delivery of mathematics instruction in the summer of 2008. Eighteen teachers received this training and the associated materials. After attending the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics Conference, Harmon stressed the importance of getting all of our students ready for Algebra II in the elementary and middle school years.

Harmon said, "My goal is that this training will allow teachers to grow in their understanding of how students learn mathematics and be more efficacious in the delivery of their math lessons."

The Final report of National Mathematics Advisory Panel funded by the Department of Education published in March 2008 shows compelling evidence that students who complete Algebra II in high school are twice as likely to attend college. Teachers who participate in this training will explore math research and best practices. They will provide lessons and data to support their use of the training.

Elementary Comprehension Toolkits and Training $10,000

This grant is for 20 elementary school teachers to receive materials and training to accelerate elementary reading comprehension strategies. To assure efficacy, in September of 2008, these teachers received a full-day of training in the use and documentation of the kits from Heinemannn Publishing.

At each site, four teachers who have had this training will form professional cohorts to meet and provide support for the implementation of these teaching methods in the classroom. This is a grassroots movement towards a district-wide change in reading instruction.

In the years that follow, the trained teachers will become the trainers. Suzanne Lynne, Reading Instructional Coach for LAPS, said the following, "The Comprehension Toolkit is exciting on multiple levels. It offers students solid techniques to help them understand both fiction and non-fiction text. At the same time, it offers teachers good instruction on how to deliver sound comprehension strategies to their students. The professional cohort concept helps build leaders in a school. Teachers teaching one another is vital to the success of this endeavor."

Reading and Math Intervention Training 7th -10th grade $10,000

The district has initiated a professional learning community of highly qualified reading and math teachers at the secondary level to address students who are not proficient in reading and/or math.

These teachers were trained in a research-based curriculum proven to help students improve skills. The training ensured fidelity in practice and knowledge of data analysis. Research shows that students who are placed in "below grade level" classes in secondary education do not have equal access to the best, most proved curriculum. The Foundation and the district share a commitment to assisting these students. This training and curriculum model will allow students to successfully move from remedial classes back to regular education classes.

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