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2012 Fall & 2013 Spring Great Ideas Grant Winners


2012 Fall Winners

The First Grade Gerald and Piggie Book Club
Sharon Allen

Los Alamos Public Schools first grade teacher, Sharon Allen, strongly believes in the success of the parent-school connection.  To strengthen that bond, Allen purchased a full set of Gerald and Piggie hardbound books that the students take home each week in a special bag. While the book is at home, Allen’s students read the book three times to an adult or sibling and have them sign-off.  When the students have completed the 16 book series, they receive special recognition from the class and have their name added to a class chart noting them as an "honorary founding member" of the Gerald and Piggie Book Club.


Microscope Merriment
Stacy Martens

The purpose of this grant is to allow 5th grade students at Aspen Elementary the opportunity to study cells in science. Part of the 5th grade curriculum and standards focuses on biology and cells including plant and animal cells. In the past, the 5th grade classes would borrow old microscopes from the 6th grade. From now on, Martens’ classes will be using five microscopes generously donated through the Los Alamos High School's Science Department. The Foundation paid to have these five microscopes cleaned and refurbished. In addition to the five refurbished microscopes, Martens also was awarded $200 to purchase a wide variety of specimen slides. 


Empty Bowls
Britt Williams

Empty Bowls is an annual event sponsored by Self Help, Inc. which is an organization that aids individuals and families in developing self-reliance in Northern New Mexico. The 6th grade students at Aspen Elementary will learn about the Empty Bowls event from Gillian Sutton and participate by creating their own bowls. This includes the clay process, constructing their bowls using slabs and forms, and adding texture to their bowl’s surface. The students will also participate in the kiln process so they can see their project from start to finish. All of the bowls created by the students will be donated to the Empty Bowls Project. These bowls are filled with soup and sold during a luncheon to raise money for Self Help.


Barranca Grant Winners

Primary Lego Club
Heidi Schembri and Ivy Church

This grant will allow these two teachers to initiate a Lego Club for kindergarten and 1st graders at Barranca Elementary School. Using Legos, club members will have the opportunity to explore creativity, engineering, building, and social skills. There will be two types of building activities. Children can choose to free build or use a kit to build a simple machine. These activities will help develop hand-eye coordination and improve fine motor skills via a developmentally appropriate activity. If students stay interested in designing and building objects, the Robotics Club at Barranca will welcome them when they are older.


STEM through Robotics in the Elementary School
Mary Snow

The purpose of this grant is to allow Barranca Elementary to develop a long-term Robotics Program which supports an afterschool club, robotics competitions, and cross-curriculum lesson plans for teachers. Several Lego Mindstorm NXT kits were purchased, plus software, curriculum, and club supplies. The Robotics Club holds weekly meetings and monthly competitions and has allowed the students to learn more about computer programming, which can be incorporated into the on-going math, science, and language arts curriculum across several grade levels.


Sculptures in Wood
Pat Walls

Coming Soon.


Mountain Grant Winner

Mountain Elementary Glass and Ceramics Curriculm
Lorri McInroy

Coming Soon.


Pinon/Chamisa Grant Winner

Around the World in White Rock
Julie Buthuis and Renee Mitsunaga

During the Multicultural Fair, students and classes will present something that is tied to a modern or historical aspect of the country, region, or culture that they have studied. They will demonstrate an art or craft project, perform music or a dance, demonstrate a game, share a research presentation, or cook a food sample. Additionally, families will collaborate with their children to set up booths to share some aspect of their culture. Students will circulate through the gymnasium participating in these activities, collecting artifacts, sampling foods, and collecting flags on each of their ”passports” while local cultural organizations, students, and families hold performances on the stage. Students will learn valuable facts and information about other nations and cultures and share their gifts of music, dance, costumes, and information.


2013 Spring Winners

Linda Bennet $1000 LAMS Lessons for the Young Economist Textbook Proposal
Brittney Newman $1000 Aspen Frog Log- Homework Games
Julie Goen $1200 Elementary and LAMS Libraries Los Alamos Schools Battle of the Books Club
Stacy Martens $500 Aspen Aspen Leaves: The Fall and Regrowth of our School, A Documentary
Nicole McGrane $1000 Barranca Technology Enhanced Learning
Total $4700    


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