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2010-2011 Fall and Spring Great Ideas Grants


2010 Fall Winners

Site Visit to Uncommon Schools

Uncommon Schools, located in New York, invites teachers from around the world to come and observe new and innovative educational methods. The Foundation gave a grant to the Los Alamos Public Schools to finance a visit for two to Uncommon Schools in December 2010. Instructional coaches Suzanne Lynne and Ronda Harmon were selected by the Superintendent Dr. Gene Schmidt for the trip and are using their new insight to further the goal of providing excellent teaching at Los Alamos Public Schools.

Teach Like a Champions

K-6 Instructional experts Suzanne Lynne and Ronda Harmon were given a grant to purchase Teach Like a Champion: 49 Techniques That Put Students on the Path to College books. In September 2010, they launched a year-long study on the book. Thirty to forty teachers are now attending bi-monthly. Lynne and Harmon are determined to continue to grow this project. They plan to include middle and high school teachers and will continue the class until as many teachers as possible are included.

Pawlak: Clicking Our Way into the 21st Centurys

Los Alamos High School math teacher John Pawlak, was given a grant to finance 8 additional eInstruction CPS Pulse "clickers" and a Mobi wireless notepad for use during instruction. Pawlak has already seen great success with his use of the clickers and finds that students can interact immediately with concepts as he teaches. They are more engaged and enthusiastic in class when they can answer example questions and see feedback on their own and the classes's performance immediately. The clickers and notebook are an essential part of progressing Los Alamos High School's goal of modernizing instructional techniques and "creating a 21st century classroom."

Souza: For The Love of Readings

Mountain Elementary 5th grade teacher Sue Souza was given a grant to purchase classroom sets of student-selected novels for all of Mountain's 5th grade students. Each class will read and discuss the literary and rhetorical elements of these books as well as the mechanics involved in writing. The students will be involved not only in selecting, reading, and writing about the books, but also in covering, numbering, and preserving them for future use. With proper care, the sets of books will provide enjoyment while developing student reading skills for many years to come.


2011 Spring Winners

Martens and Davis: For the Love of Math I and II

Stacey Martens and Sheri Davis of Aspen Elementary were awarded $1000 each for their grants "For the Love of Math I and II." Stacey, Sheri, and 14 teachers from Aspen will attend the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics regional conference in Albuquerque in November 2011.

Diesburg-Lathrop: The Book Whisperer

Jenny Diesburg-Lathrop, a fifth grade teacher at Aspen Elementary, was awarded $500 for her project titled, "The Book Whisperer," so named for a book of the same title. With the funding, Jenny will purchase numerous books for her class library so that she will have available a wide variety of genres from which students can choose to complete the forty book per student classroom goal.

Jackson: Wiggle Worms

Megan Jackson, a Kindergarten teacher at Aspen Elementary, was awarded $200 for her project, "Wiggle Worms." With the money awarded, Megan will purchase enough unique seating to help all her students focus during small group lessons.

Steinburg: Science Enrichment in the Primary Classroom

Kati Steinburg of Pinon Elementary was awarded $986 for her project called "Science Enrichment in the Primary Classroom." Kati will use the funds to purchase microscopes and vacuum chambers to aid her third grade students in their hands-on science discoveries.

Elementary Librarians: TumbleBooks

All five of the elementary libraries will receive TumbleBooks subscriptions for $1996. TumbleBooks is a computer based, on-line subscription which offers read-aloud available of popular picture books. Tumblebooks allows access to quality read aloud books, quizzes and teacher lesson plans. TumbleBooks can be used in several locations such as the library, classroom, and in students homes.

Kuenzal: Plants & the Growing Kindergartner

Cynthia Kuenzal, Kindergarten teacher at Barranca Elementary, was awarded $300 for "Plants & the Growing Kindergartner." These funds will purchase all of the supplies necessary to integrate a life science unit. The students will plant the seeds and then observe how they grow into flowers and gardens.


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