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2010 Teacher Grant Award Winners

Aspen Teacher Grant Winner

Learning Math Through Technology
Amount: $1000
Sheri Davis

Aspen school will purchase a site license for "Essential Skills" which includes topics of patterning, data management, and probability. This innovative program allows students to work at their own pace, monitor the skills they have mastered and the skills that need improving. Using technology to learn math is a unique way to acquire new skills and has been proven to be successful with students. This grant will impact approximately 51 Aspen first graders in the first year and continue with the next 5 years of first graders.

Barranca Teacher Grant Winners

Marimba Making Project
Amount: $1,000
Applicant: Julia Fair

This exciting project will allow the students to build a Marimba. Assisted by their teacher, the students will measure and cut bars, tune bars, measure/cut/assemble resonator tubes, and assemble the instrument frame. Beyond the building of the instrument, students will be also play the Miarimba in the music room for years to come and in numerous school music performances. Approximately 30-40 students building the instrument will be impacted in first year, but many students will be affected in the coming years.

The Ropes Course
Amount: $1000
Applicant: Lynne Higdon

The Ropes Course is a special 1-day outdoor training program for sixth grade students. The program focuses on personal achievements and asks participants to confront their personal fears and anxieties through physical challenges and training in an area that is usually new to the participants. The Ropes Course provides a chance to develop character, learn valuable life skills, make new friends, and discover new interests while learning technical skills to manage rope belay systems. This grant will impact approximately 60 sixth grade students from Barranca Elementary.

Continuation of Project GUTS
Amount: $1000
Applicant: Andrea Spence

This project has been in place for 3 consecutive years. Project "GUTS", Growing Up Thinking Scientifically, is a free after-school program that allows science experience for 5th to 8th grade students who are motivated and have an interest in science, computer technology, and media production. By addressing all the STEM areas (science, technology, engineering, math), it shows students how science is actually used and how they can investigate problems. Weekly meetings focus on hands-on activities, computer stimulations, and experiments run on computers. This grant will impact approximately 40 students from Barranca Elementary and Los Alamos Middle School.

Barranca/Pinon Teacher Grant Winner

Southwest and Mexican Art Module
Amount: $1000
Applicant: Pat Walls

The program goal of this grant is the raise awareness of diverse peoples and cultures by teaching Southwestern, Mexican, and Native American traditional crafts, including Kachinas, mural wall painting, sand painting, coil pottery, weaving, and basketry. The grant will provide art supplies for this new art module. Students will identify art elements, such as-line, texture, color, and shape- and compare historic artwork to contemporary artwork. In addition, they will use design skills and a variety of art materials. Approximately 400 students at Barranca and Pinon schools will be impacted by this grant.

LAHS Teacher Grant Winner

LabQuests for the Chemistry Lab
Amount: $1000
Applicant: Kathleen Boerigter

LabQuest is a hand held device with a touch screen that works with sensor probes. These devices will allow students to perform more hands-on activities and labs related to material being studied in Chemistry classes. The devices will allow more efficient labs and less time recording data. Data can be saved to the LabQuest directly and students can later print their results in table/graph formats. This grant will impact approximately 300 students at Los Alamos High School this year and future students.

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