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2009 Teacher Grant Award Winners - 5,000

Mountain Teacher Grant Winners

Science in the Bag: Nature Recycles Too
Amount: $800
Applicant: Michele Altherr

This proposal seeks to augment the basic elementary science curriculum by offering elementary students first-hand explorations of natural phenomena associated with worm composting. This proposal is in two parts: 1) a vermiculture kit for each interested classroom, and 2) a related "Science in the Bag" activity kit for each grade level. At first, the students will use their own lunch scraps for the worms to compost. After seeing their scraps turned into rich soil, they will be able to use their compost to grow flowers from seeds for Earth Day. With these experiences, the students will be better able to infer the role of decomposers in the ecosystem and sustainable gardening practices. Mountain Elementary School students, grades K-6, will be impacted by this grant, approximately 375 students.

Write Connection Writing Program
Amount: $962.50
Applicant: Cherie Trottier

The Write Connection is a complete program developed for and by teachers to assist in the process of teaching students to write effectively. This program will provide lessons teaching appropriate standard-based writing skills, strategies, and genres to Ms. Trottier's second grade students. The writing program is a three part instructional program: 1) Language Arts Skills, 2) Writing pre-writes using a writing domain, and 3) A Rubric System to edit and finalize a writing domain. The students will use the weekly writing topics and skill lessons to fulfill the NM State Standards requirement for students to write in a variety of genres and use a writing process. Students will use the accompanying rubrics to improve their writing. Approximately 19 students in the 08-09 school year and 25 students in the 09-10 school year will be impacted.

Barranca Teacher Grant Winners

Continuation of Project GUTS Field Trips
Amount: $1,000
Applicant: Andrea Spence

Project "GUTS", Growing Up Thinking Scientifically, is a free after-school program that allows 6th to 8th grade students to explore science through scientific research and three-dimensional computer modeling. By addressing all the STEM areas (science, technology, engineering, math), it shows children how science is actually used, and how they can investigate problems. The students that are involved in this program learn applied science and computer programming, how to generate computer programs that model scientific problems, how to generate power point presentations, and how to give oral presentations. Field trips, which are a critical part of the program, will apply scientific knowledge to the real world, providing hands-on activities for the students. This grant would supply the buses for transportation of 65 students plus teachers and chaperones to and from the field trips.

LAHS Teacher Grant Winners

Using Manipulatives to Increase Understanding in Biology
Amount: $1000
Applicant: Stephanie Mitchell

By using models, students will be able to see and appreciate how large molecules are converted to smaller molecules that the body can use. They will be able to model the DNA/RNA connection in protein synthesis, DNA replication, transcription, and translation. They will be able to visualize the three-dimensional shapes of DNA, RNA, and protein molecules. Students will also see how information is stored in DNA by the use of color-coding in the models. There will be three sets of the Molecular Model of DNA and its Replication, one set of the Molecules of Metabolism Kit, and one set of the Molecules of Life. The hands-on modeling approach makes the complex chemistry of DNA/RNA protein synthesis easily understood by a wide range of students. This purchase will supply enough models for all four biology teachers to share with their 300 students each year.

District Instructional Coach for Mathematics Grant Winner

National Annual Meeting for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Amount: $1,237.50
Applicant: Ronda Harmon

The NCTM annual meeting brings together the most outstanding classroom teachers and mathematics educators in the US to share what they know and to exchange ideas in support of helping every student learn challenging mathematics. While attending this conference, Ronda Harmon will gather current information and practices from around the nation in mathematics teaching and learning. Upon returning, she will share innovative lessons with teachers and students by teaching model lessons in classrooms, teaching professional development workshops, conducting book talks, and consulting with teachers. The ultimate goal is to improve student learning in math, which will be measured by NMSBA and MAPS testing. The conference is from April 22 through April 25, 2009 in Washington DC. Approximately 1,000 students will be impacted from this training.

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