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2008 Teacher Grant Award Winners

Aspen Teacher Grant Winners

Lego Rebotics Club
Amount: $655
Applicant: Katie Watson

In this club students will learn how to work with Legos and create their own moving creation. They will work in teams of 2-4. As the students get older, they will get to work with more complex Legos. Parents and adults will be invited to volunteer.

Non-Fiction Comprehension Toolkits
Amount: $812
Applicant: Sheri Davis and Jenny Gallegos

The objective of the toolkits is to formally begin teaching children how to comprehend nonfiction in the primary grades. Each year, the students will be introduced to different aspects of understanding non-fiction books, like visualizing text and distinguishing between fiction and non-fiction. The kits will include specific lessons on the included books but all the techniques used in the kit can be used on any non-fiction text.

Barranca Teacher Grant Winners

Snow Shoeing/Winter Sports and Recreation
Amount: $1,000
Applicant: Lynne Higdon

In this program students will be introduced to the great benefits of snow shoeing. They will be able to experience winter outdoor recreation and learn all about snow shoeing. They can practice these skills even when there is no snow outside.

Growing up Thinking Scientifically
Amount: $1,000
Applicant: Andrea Spence

This is a free after-school program that allows 6th-8th grade students explore science through research and 3D computer modeling. It makes science, technology, engineering, and math fun, shows children how science is actually used, and teaches them how to investigate problems. They will be learning applied science and computer programming, and how to give presentations in front of scientists. Children will go on field trips to apply what they've learned to the real world. They will be provided with hands-on activities.

Mountain Teacher Grant Winners

Expressway to Writing
Amount: $460
Applicant: Sue Souza

This program is designed to take the emergent writer from the basics of oral language, to recording oral language, to sentence structure, to brainstorming story ideas, to modeling of correct sentence structure with punctuation and ultimately each first grade student will write a story of his/her own creation using correct sentence structure and punctuation. By the end of first grade, 80 percent of all students will be able to write a cohesive story consisting of at least five sentences, using proper sentence structure, capitalization, and punctuation.

LAHS Teacher Grant Winners

Papermaking Art Studio
Amount: $1,000
Applicant: Dana Salmond

The goal of this project is to establish a facility for students to work in a new art form that has not been offered before. This will be part of the art curriculum for 9-12 graders. Students will be exposed to the tools and techniques of hand papermaking.

Shared Inquiry Discussion Method
Amount: $425
Applicant: Kevin Facer

The goal is to provide students with a broad base of interdisciplinary knowledge to help them evaluate and discuss art. The inquiry methods will be used continuously in class discussions. Students will be able to achieve higher literacy across the curriculum, and experience a stimulating challenge. They will evaluate works for themselves and build their own understanding through this method.

Silent Sustained Reading Library
Amount: $300
Applicant: Shirley Edmondson

The idea of this program is to provide a wide variety of student picked reading books for a classroom SSR library. The students will have the opportunity to cooperate and participate in the process of picking classroom materials that includes various reading and interest levels. They will be directly involved in picking books; creating choices that are available and appropriate for all secondary level readers. The library will consist of at least 25 to 30 books picked by the students.

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2008 Teacher Grant Award Winners

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