How To Help

Four Great Ways To Help Our Local Schools

make a donation

Smiths Earn & Learn

Use the Smith's "Earn & Learn" Program to generate additional dollars for the Los Alamos Public Schools every time you shop at Smith's! Simply enroll in the "Earn & Learn" program by printing this coupon and have it scanned next time you shop at Smith's, which will link your Fresh Values Card to the program for the next year, or register your by clicking here.

Volunteer Match

Search for the LAPS Foundation on Volunteer Match to find ways to offer your time to help the foundation.


Retired and Senior Volunteer Program is another program, catered towards seniors, which offers ways to help the Foundation. The program can award funds to organizations of the volunteer's choice. Simply go to their website and fill out the volunteer form, and turn it in to Betty Ehart Senior Center in Los Alamos.

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